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“Several years ago I started using ghee exclusively for all my cooking. Since then I’ve tried several different brands and consider myself somewhat of a ghee connoisseur! Without a doubt, Clarified Living has produced the highest quality ghee on the market. I noticed it from the time I opened the bottle with the color and fragrance, and the taste simply confirmed my opinion. I have bought the brand several times and have found each order to be consistent.”

– R. A.

“This ghee is delish! The cinnamon and vanilla is great on my toast or in my coffee. The garlic is also awesome! I love this ghee!”

– N.G.

“I tried Ghee for the first time from, “Clarified Living”. I had been on a Keto diet for six months and I was looking for a healthy alternative for frying without using oil. I tried some Ghee infused with garlic, and pan fried some Salmon with it. The Salmon had a little garlic flavor from the Ghee, which was delicious! I was also impressed with how little Ghee that I had to use. I had also ordered some Ghee infused with Basil. I used it to fry some zucchini noodles that had a wonderful taste of basil, after being fried in the Ghee. I have found that “Ghee”, is a wonderful alternative!”

– Mike D.

“Wow! This particular brand is far superior to the other brands I’ve had. The original is a winner but I highly recommend the different flavors. Garlic and Jalapeño in particular.”

– K. B.

“I’ve cooked with this ghee and I’ve used it as a spread on toast. I’ve even put it in my coffee. Great taste!”

– David A.

``Just made avocado toast with the garlic GHEE, it was unreal!``

TK from CA

``Ok, that GHEE is a legit game-changer. I made polenta, cherry tomatoes and eggs this morning. I loved how I could get the pan so hot. Also the jalapeno is absolutely perfect--right amount of flavor and heat.``

Jon and Darrell in San Francisco

``I'm obsessed with it. We just roasted potatoes with it. I'm buying more!!``

Jon from San Francisco