About us

Live with Clarity!

Clarified Living is a healthy and flavorful ghee purveyor founded in 2021 for creative food lovers. During a family gathering at home, Farida Mangalji was discussing the health benefits and various uses of ghee. When she began to add various spices and seasonings to her ghee recipe, the idea of creating flavored ghee options for both traditional and adventurous cooks was born. Farida’s Family friend and co-founder Maryl Georgi recognized that Farida’s delicious ghee recipe, passed down by her own mother, would be a welcome addition to any healthy kitchen. With the encouragement and help of other friends and family, Clarified Living Ghee! became a reality.

Clarified Living’s GHEE! stands above the rest for its superior quality, solid consistency and great-tasting flavors. A superfood ingredient, packed with nutritional benefits and buttery taste, the introductory GHEE! line comes in four flavors: Original, Garlic, Jalapeño, and Cinnamon/Vanilla. It is a kitchen staple for the health-conscious cook, and the flavors will add that wow factor to any inspired dish.

“Bon Appetit”